Our Specialty!

From a single apartment to thousands of dorm rooms to large warehouse spaces, our hounds can take on a job of any size. Scentsational Hounds specializes in inspecting commercial properties.

Our primary service area includes the Denver metro area and all of Colorado. We also travel to other states, and currently have done inspections in over 20 states. Please contact us for information on out-of-state inspections.

We have experience working in:

  • Hospitality: hotels/motels, vacation home rentals, convention centers, B&B’s
  • Multi-Family Housing: apartments, dorms, government-assisted housing, condominiums
  • Education: universities, schools, day care facilities
  • Public establishments/entities: libraries, office spaces and buildings, call centers, banks, camps, emergency response departments and their vehicles
  • Health: hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, adult day programs, shelters
  • Retail: theaters, clothing and other retail stores, furniture warehouses
  • Transportation: buses, taxis, delivery vehicles, shuttle vans and vehicles

We provide accurate and timely results!

Due to their sheer size, It isn’t feasible to visually inspect most commercial properties. Let our hounds sniff out what can’t be seen!

Whether an inspection takes an hour or multiple days, our hounds are ready to take on the task in a timely manner with accurate results.

Our dogs can search one room in just 2 to 3 minutes. They can detect the scent of bed bugs through mattresses, furniture, walls and more.